Fussy Footed Ladies: SHOE FIND!

I don't have fussy feet and can really prance around in just about anything, so I don't have to seek out comfortable shoes. That said, I have A LOT of shoes, from a wide range of brands, so I've done a huge amount of comparison ... walking.

I bought a pair of Coclico shoes via MyHabit last week, and WOW. They have a 3-inch heel, which feels more like 1-inch, and they might just be the most comfortable shoes I own right now - that's including my range of flats. Coclico is made in Spain and their website prices (shopcoclico.com) seem to be akin to Fluevog's, but if you're interested, they can still be found at MyHabit http://www.myhabit.com/#page=b.....=qd_d_bc_b who ships free both ways!

I'm currently in the midst of talking myself out of buying a pair of every style they have left in my size.


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