25% off at KarenKane.com this week ...

... with code KKJULY4

I know a number of us discovered the brand via Angie & YouLookFab, so it's only fitting to post the sale here :)

There is a ton of super cute, reasonably priced items that look even better through sale coloured glasses. Hands off the Metallic Skirt though - she's mine!!

Happy shopping!


Inspired By nature, Day 1

(Like many others, I wanted this on my (Y)LF page as well!)

I wound up ignoring the elephants for the most part, and concentrated on the varying shades of mauve in the picture. I went with brown instead of purple - since I don't own any purple - as my dark hue, and mixed in a few pinks.

The dangling belt was initially going to be my elephant trunk, but I didn't like it flapping around.

Thanks for peeking in!

** I bought this necklace while shopping in NYC with Bella, at a consignment shop that Zapotee pointed us to! **


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YLF's Secret Rock Stars!!!

Between participating here and attending my first YLF meetup this February, I have a pretty good idea about the different types of people that frequent the forum. We're a fun, friendly bunch, with varied interests, and broad talents. We like fashion, we like food, we like to travel, we like to read …

And some of us like to totally rock out.

I was listening to Pandora and a song by a band I had never heard of came on. I liked it so I gave it my Pandora 'Thumbs Up.' I realized a few moments later, that I didn't just like it, I kind of loved it, so I decided to look them up. Pandora didn't offer anything on this mystery band, Bemular, so I moved on to Google and Bing. A few clicked links and I had landed on their website, which featured the cover art for their upcoming album. It took me a second to progress from puzzlement to utter gleeful shock - I was staring at a picture of YLF sweetheart, Rae, sitting outside in her wedding dress, looking totally gorgeous and at the same time totally badass.

No need to worry, it turns out that Rae isn't trying to keep her involvement in Bemular private, she's just so freakin' blasé about the whole thing that she's never thought to mention it here. How rock star is that?

Seriously, check it out:

You can get their stuff through Amazon and iTunes and a few other places, but I'm hoping Rae will (stop blushing long enough to) weigh in on which place is their preferred seller before I buy everything they've ever released!

Oh - and like them on Facebook for a free download!

Whoo hoo!!!


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Kate Spade Trench - love love love!!!

Here it is - and it's awesome! I ironed it (kind of) and have it paired with two outfits so far. First a total basic: jeans and sweater, and then a real test: floral polka dots and my too skinny calves.

I am totally loving this thing!

(More raving and pics on my website http://gurgleslurp.com )


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Fussy Footed Ladies: SHOE FIND!

I don't have fussy feet and can really prance around in just about anything, so I don't have to seek out comfortable shoes. That said, I have A LOT of shoes, from a wide range of brands, so I've done a huge amount of comparison ... walking.

I bought a pair of Coclico shoes via MyHabit last week, and WOW. They have a 3-inch heel, which feels more like 1-inch, and they might just be the most comfortable shoes I own right now - that's including my range of flats. Coclico is made in Spain and their website prices (shopcoclico.com) seem to be akin to Fluevog's, but if you're interested, they can still be found at MyHabit http://www.myhabit.com/#page=b.....=qd_d_bc_b who ships free both ways!

I'm currently in the midst of talking myself out of buying a pair of every style they have left in my size.


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Gimp, Sprinkles, & Comics - Shoe projects!

1 & 2 - I did these about a year ago, but do to fit problems with the (extremely cheap) shoe I've never actually worn them! I've glued red and blue gimp (that flat plastic ribbony stuff) to the bottoms using a glue gun. It was months after I finished the shoes that I finally thought 'hey, I should have just painted those.' Lyn* totally had the right idea to use nail polish. Alas.

3, 4, 5 - These are covered in nonpareils - the spherical sprinkles. I covered the shoes in contact cement and dipped them in the sprinkles, then added the trim and abstract bow in licorice. I've worn them once so far and they held up really well. The original shoe is the same colour blue as the insole, which is awesome because I left the heel uncovered and the pop of blue looks great against the candy.

6, 7, 8 - These are Modge Podged and covered in a collage of comics (HackSlash). I added a black ribbon trim so it would seem more like comic book panels. I haven't worn these out yet - but I think they should hold up really well.


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WIW part 2 (6 outfits)

The smart casual edition:

1 – Stripes and jacket.
Yea! Absolutely no groceries or errands were involved in the wearing of this outfit.

2 – Maxi dress and candy
I like casual maxi dresses, they have a formal enough air that I can wear candy jewellery or whatever silly thing with them, and still go out for dinner and not be under-dressed.

3 – Very short torn up dress
I wore this out for my birthday in Toronto, but took the picture a while later when I threw the dress back on to show my guy what it looked like. I wore black sequined pumps with it when I went out but didn’t have them with me for the photo. The dress was slightly bigger when I first wore it – but shrunk a little in the wash, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wear it again since this post shrinkage length is a little short – even for my high threshold for baring skin.

4 – Cropped jeans risqué blazer
As already mentioned, I am very comfortable showing a bit of skin.

5 – Disappointing shoes
I like these shoes but they were totally not what I wanted to wear with this. Alas, I had a lot of walking ahead of me so I had to make do. I wore a black blazer as well (on and off throughout the day) but hadn’t yet chosen it when I did the pictures.

6 – Bandage skirt, cape front blouse, and combat boots
I had another big walking day, but even if I didn’t I’m sure I would have worn the combat boots anyway since the blouse is a bit frillier than I’m accustomed to looking.

Thanks for peeking in :)


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WIW (4 outfits)

I have a bunch of backdated WIWs to post and decided to separate by type versus chronology – so this is the casual edition, the next will be the slightly less casual issue.

1 – Blue cords, graphic tee, flap collar blazer.
Worn to see a band at a bar. I hemmed the cords already but they need to be hemmed again, instead I just folded them under, as seen in the third image. Rest assured, I didn’t leave the house with my hair like this.

2 – Cropped jeans, yellow jacket.
I wore this to the airport – the security agents loved my shoes. It wasn’t busy at the airport so we wound up having this long chat about shoes and how/where to find great shopping deals. The 3rd image is basically the same outfit, just worn to the grocery store a couple weeks later.

3 – Stripes and stripes.
Visiting my parents.

4 – More cropped jeans.
I don’t remember where I wore this, though the grocery store would be a good guess. This top used to be a midi skirt that I never wore, gave away, only to have it given back. Now it works well as an above the knee skirt or a tube top.

Thanks for peeking in!


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