WIW part 2 (6 outfits)

The smart casual edition:

1 – Stripes and jacket.
Yea! Absolutely no groceries or errands were involved in the wearing of this outfit.

2 – Maxi dress and candy
I like casual maxi dresses, they have a formal enough air that I can wear candy jewellery or whatever silly thing with them, and still go out for dinner and not be under-dressed.

3 – Very short torn up dress
I wore this out for my birthday in Toronto, but took the picture a while later when I threw the dress back on to show my guy what it looked like. I wore black sequined pumps with it when I went out but didn’t have them with me for the photo. The dress was slightly bigger when I first wore it – but shrunk a little in the wash, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wear it again since this post shrinkage length is a little short – even for my high threshold for baring skin.

4 – Cropped jeans risqué blazer
As already mentioned, I am very comfortable showing a bit of skin.

5 – Disappointing shoes
I like these shoes but they were totally not what I wanted to wear with this. Alas, I had a lot of walking ahead of me so I had to make do. I wore a black blazer as well (on and off throughout the day) but hadn’t yet chosen it when I did the pictures.

6 – Bandage skirt, cape front blouse, and combat boots
I had another big walking day, but even if I didn’t I’m sure I would have worn the combat boots anyway since the blouse is a bit frillier than I’m accustomed to looking.

Thanks for peeking in :)


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WIW (4 outfits)

I have a bunch of backdated WIWs to post and decided to separate by type versus chronology – so this is the casual edition, the next will be the slightly less casual issue.

1 – Blue cords, graphic tee, flap collar blazer.
Worn to see a band at a bar. I hemmed the cords already but they need to be hemmed again, instead I just folded them under, as seen in the third image. Rest assured, I didn’t leave the house with my hair like this.

2 – Cropped jeans, yellow jacket.
I wore this to the airport – the security agents loved my shoes. It wasn’t busy at the airport so we wound up having this long chat about shoes and how/where to find great shopping deals. The 3rd image is basically the same outfit, just worn to the grocery store a couple weeks later.

3 – Stripes and stripes.
Visiting my parents.

4 – More cropped jeans.
I don’t remember where I wore this, though the grocery store would be a good guess. This top used to be a midi skirt that I never wore, gave away, only to have it given back. Now it works well as an above the knee skirt or a tube top.

Thanks for peeking in!


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